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ADD Workplace Success

Is this you?

  • Top performer in business development and marketing falls behind because of problems with planning and tracking time.
  • Small business owner providing professional services whose practice is suffering because she hasn’t billed anyone for six months.
  • Engineer on probation for not completing tasks in a timely manner and cited for poor response time
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    on reports and updates.

  • Entrepreneur who can’t move forward on finding a new job because he has 35 reports to submit for previous employer.
  • Software engineer who was adrift for a year after losing one job and failing at another.
  • Financial analyst who can’t handle his current workload due to continual interruptions as the “go to guy” in the office.

I have the knowledge, training, and experience to address the needs of the individual business client at a level that is right for the individual to get back into action and back on track.

Five Coaching Action Items

For the business client who has hit a rough place in work or career, I coach on five action items for charting the course through change.