ADD in Focus

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Feel overwhelmed by everyday activities?Can’t live up to other’s expectations?Why ADHD

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Impacts Women Differently from Men

  • Managing career and family
  • Parenting Issues

Career and Employment Issues

I offer individual coaching and support groups for women with ADHDWomen’s Round Table Discussion Groups Be with people who see the real you. Join a group of women who have ADHD and feel understood and accepted. Share your understanding of ADHD and offer encouragement to other members in the group. A support group is also a safe place to work on social skills.Learn how to :

  • set limits through clear communication
  • maintain your personal power instead of defensively withdrawing from others
  • maintain positions of self-respect with partners, friends, family, children and co-workers

“You need one person or a group of people to help organize and keep new data about yourself.. A witness will help you build storage space so that you can keep success and new images of self readily visible and easily retrievable.”

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