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Success Stories

Letters from three happy clients!

Mary cultivated a personal bond with me so that I have come to feel relaxed enough to trust her with a lot of very private/personal emotional baggage. There is the intangible aspect of her personality that “clicked” with me. There

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is also the fact that she is open about her own ADD, using her own experience to learn and then to share it with me. It is obvious that she understands the problems on a very personal level, shares that with me to help form our bond, and combines her personal experience with what she has learned from her studies to develop insightful tools that have been of great assistance to me. The other tool that she used in the beginning, to both learn about me and to help form our personal/professional bond, is something called “The Paper Room”.

Mary was then able to build upon our relationship by helping me identify these parts of both my personal and professional life in need of rescue. Slowly but surely, Mary has provided me with “tools” that I have used to focus on my problematical behavioral patterns and begin to change them. These “tools” are first her insights, secondly an explanation of why I have been using inappropriate behaviors, third an explanation of what more productive behavior would “look like” and fourth, a word or phrase that I can focus on to help myself alter my behavior.

Just one example of many is my inability to gauge timeframes for completion of tasks. She explained that many ADD people see time as “elastic” (without boundaries) and then she worked with me on the concept of setting priorities (“boulders”), time-tagging, and the concept that I always try to keep at the forefront of my attention, whether I am working in my office or reading the newspaper with breakfast – “monitor time.” Although I am still weak on the time-tagging and scheduling of office tasks, I have significantly improved by utilizing her “boulder” concept and remembering to monitor my time.

Even if I only paid lip-service to some of her recommendations (I recognized the value but failed even to attempt implementation), she never, ever indicated that I had failed to progress satisfactorily. Mary always remained positive and motivational, with an encouraging and supportive attitude, sometimes approaching the problem from a different angle. Very important is the sense that I can count on her for support, that she is there as a safety net.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary Hurwitz for the past two years. During our acquaintance she has served as my coach in many different capacities. Our work together initially started with a career focus, but quickly expanded crossing the gamete into all aspects of my life. I feel extremely fortunate to have Mary as my coach and highly recommend her without reservation. I know our work together has and will continue to make enormous contributions toward living a more meaningful life.

What makes Mary so good at what she does is a combination of knowledge, wisdom, charter, dedication, and an amazing ability to communicate and relate with people. Mary’s ability to connect regardless of situation, topic or circumstance is a gift undoubtedly developed over years of successful coaching. We have had well over 100 coaching conversations, and never once have I witnessed her in a bad mood or distracted by the environment. Always present is her empathetic ear intuitively balanced to provide me the correct level of support or direction. Mary has that uncanny ability to quickly pick-up on my words, pace and tone allowing her to flexibly adapt to my style. Her communication skills are second to none, and above all she makes it a joy to be coached.

Another area of great strength is Mary’s capacity to reserve judgment and remain truly open-minded. Based on our differences in gender, age, greed, social-economic and geographic upbringing and I am continually impressed with how clean she is in both mind and spirit. Being a person who frequently uses a trial & error mentality to learn, I feel confident knowing Mary will only provide me enough rope to avoid hanging myself. And in those instances of more error than trial, she always possesses the grace and humility to never say “I told you so”. These are things we rarely speak, but precisely why I sincerely trust, appreciate and admire her so much.

From a knowledge and expertise perspective, Mary is a never-ending resource of practical information, tips and suggestions. She has helped me with my

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career, ADD/ADHD, purpose/values, time management, money, learning style, family and relationships. As a career coach of vast knowledge and experience I have leaned on her often. In fact I have not yet stumped her with a question about what to do that that hasn’t turned out 100% accurate. She has helped me identify and address my work purpose, career goals, job interests, competencies/weaknesses, resumes/correspondence, interviews, recruiters, employers and network. She has also been masterful in helping me see what I thought were exclusively job-specific performance strengths and weaknesses, but in reality have impact in everything I do.

Simply put, Mary is an amazing coach and has inspired me to do things I never thought possible in all phases of my life.

Director of Training, Major Corporation

When I first met Mary, I was like many people with ADD; I was disorganized, behind in my work and generally wasn’t feeling too good about myself.

When Mary and I began working together, I was 43 reports and many months behind. Within two months she helped me first get a hold on my messy office and clean it up; get my past due reports completed and sent to my clients; and generally began feeling better about myself.

With her coaching I began setting and keeping my priorities and staying on top of my reports. She loaned me books and copied articles on ADD and ADHD. I learned of other issues people with ADD often have and how dysfunctional they can also be. I had a true awakening about who I was and what I’d been carrying with me all this years.

Mary has continued coaching me (I guess it takes a long time to turn an old freighter) and to help me establish and stay on top of all my responsibilities, not just work related. She’s has a kindness in her words and tone, so it wasn’t too bad when she pointed out that many of the habits I’d had, seemingly forever, that kept me from reaching goals and feeling good about myself.

This is a story without an end because, although most of the time I’m successful in compensating for my ADD, I’ve realized it will always be daily, hard work for me, but because of Mary’s coaching, I’m light-years ahead of where I was. Thanks, Mary.

Real Estate Developer