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My Clients

Is This You?

Project manager highly regarded for planning and problem solving but dropped balls near the end of projects making her and her company look bad. She is managing a family and a small business along with a fulltime job.

Coaching helped her set priorities and come up with a streamlined scheduling system which was color-coded to allow her to see how her 3 roles could be combined on one calendar. A time management system which required her to schedule one planning period at the beginning of each week to break down large projects and schedule them into her calendar provided her with the structure to prevent those balls from dropping.

Dentist unable to build a successful practice because of her poor communication skills.

A combination of individual and small group coaching provided a “safe place” for her to see how her behaviors affected others and how these behaviors were linked to her ADHD and could be modified. With the acceptance she felt as a member of the Women’s Round Table Discussion Group her confidence was renewed and was able to find a practice where

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she felt she fit in.

Young entrepreneur who sold his successful start-up and isn’t sure what he wants to do next.

Career coaching helped him discover what gave him joy. Through The PaperRoom he learned that the product in his next venture was more important than just the challenge of starting a new

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business. He explored what gave him a sense of well-being and fulfillment and realized that was the true key to selecting his next venture.

What My Clients Say

The greatest reward I get as a Coach is observing the worry and concern first apparent in my clients’ eyes and voices , as it changes into strength and confidence over the course of our sessions.


Mary was then able to build upon our relationship by helping me identify these parts of both my personal and professional life in need of rescue. Slowly but surely, Mary has provided me with “tools” that I have used to focus on my problematical behavioral patterns and begin to change them. These “tools” are first her insights, secondly an explanation of why I have been using inappropriate behaviors, third an explanation of what more productive behavior would “look like” and fourth, a word or phrase that I can focus on to help myself alter my behavior.

The one mission of a coach is to keep hope alive, or bring hope to a person when they have lost it; to fight to keep that door open when a client is pushing it shut. Mary, that is what you do so well. You invest in a person and fight to keep that hope alive.
E.M., Therapist

She has also been masterful in helping me see what I thought were exclusively job-specific performance strengths and weaknesses, but in reality have impact in everything I do.
Director of Training, Major Corporation

When Mary and I began working together, I was 43 reports and many months behind. Within two months she helped me first get a hold on my messy office and clean it up; get my past due reports completed and sent to my clients; and generally began feeling better about myself.
Real Estate Developer

On our first meeting Mary impressed me with her keen awareness, her mature empathetic presence, and her ability to ask the right questions in the moment, followed by her unique ability to listen to ME! Somehow Mary always finds a way to ask me the right questions…so that I discover the best solutions for me. They’re my answers…….that is the best kind if you are focused

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on results. She avoids the temptation and or trap of “giving me or spoon feeding me” the answers from her perspective…This is not easy to do…..I’ve either been in a coaching relationship or coached others in some way or fashion as part of my work for over ten years……..Mary is real!…and she’s my biggest fan! And isn’t that great to know you always have someone in your corner! …without Judgment!
Vice President, Insurance Company


Mary is one of the finest coaches I have ever met. She comes to the table with an incredible understanding of people and what they are going through. She is a great listener and provided me with a ‘safe’ place where I could share my fears and concerns. On my path to a new career, she provided solid recommendations to help motivate and move me forward. Her services were invaluable to me as I transitioned into my new career field.
As an adult with AD/HD I honestly don’t know what’s worse — the frustration of being unsure about the path you have taken in life — like maybe there’s something missing; OR the hopelessness of feeling there is no one ‘out there’ who could understand and guide you through the complexity of your thoughts and feelings, without criticism or judgment. However, I’m happy to say that I did find someone ‘out there’ and her name is MARY HURWITZ!

She is able to balance the emotional needs of clients who are looking for employment as well as the strategic thinking necessary to help the clients market themselves. She understands the current job market and helps candidates identify transferable skills which will enable a senior level candidate to take advantage of this fast changing job market. She also recognizes the cyclical nature of an individual’s job hunting experience and is able to keep clients focused on maintaining momentum. She does this by not only being supportive, but more importantly by helping clients set goals and sharing innovative ways to network. She uses her vast experience to direct and refocus clients during those low points. She achieves this with a balance of understanding her clients’ background and by applying her resourceful nature to solving problems that help the client become successful.
CEO, Internet Company, and Marketing and Sales VP

I want to thank you for all of your help during my transition. You were instrumental in helping me find my way through the tall grass to clarify my objectives and figure out the best way to present myself, both on paper and in person. I truly appreciated your support during my search.

Your efforts proved to be essential during my job search. You were always willing to listen to my questions (and there were many at all hours of the day – and even when you were traveling), providing me with useful and insightful answers and strategies. These questions ranged from the logistics of handling multiple job offers to interviewing and negotiating skills. As it turned out, I accepted an offer for employment this week.
Scientist, Ph.D.

Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to express how I feel about having you in my life. I left yesterday’s PaperRoom session feeling as though I’ve really begun to define myself. I have struggled to do this for a long time and sought help in that process, but so far, I’ve never felt that I was really getting somewhere, until now.

The PaperRoom is wonderful, but I know that what you bring to it personally is more valuable. It’s so freeing to be able to verbalize my thoughts without censoring them, without feeling judged, or being self conscious that I will be misunderstood or sound like an idiot! The PaperRoom is structured, but you have a gift for allowing tangents to happen that bring more understanding and fuel the process.


I’m thankful for you Mary – your words of wisdom and sensibility, as well as your sense of humor are a treasure.
ADD Health and Wellness Coach


Mary is vibrant, warm, intuitive, intelligent and patient. These past few months I’ve had the privilege to experience and observe Mary not only as the Coach I hired to help me discern what I need and want on a career path, but also as a gracious host to a support group for women with AD/HD. It is almost as she embraces whatever the particular aspect is of the person seeking her out and it is melded into an aspect of her own life. I think its pretty rare to run into someone who expresses how much they love their line of work and in this day and age how they are truly interested in hearing about the lives of others; but, Mary Hurwitz is one of those special people who

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truly does. Having a Coach who feels that way about their work, plus experiences the joys and frustrations of AD/HD in everyday life, has validated for me that I can also reach those heights in my own life.
Member of Women’s Round Table Discussion Group

“Mary, thanks for everything. You had helped me so much! Just with the opening of your home, your honesty. your willingness, your charisma and your words. You have given me so much HOPE.”
Member of Women’s Round Table Discussion Group

“Being a part of the ADD Roundtable has been such a great experience! It is wonderful to sit in a room with so many intelligent, successful women who come from so many unique walks of life, are all so completely different and yet all have so much in common! Its such a relief to know that I’m not alone, I’m not the only one who experiences these challenges. With this group, I can laugh at myself and receive support when I can’t seem to get past a road block. I finally felt “normal”. When with these women, the pressure is off and I can truly be myself. “
Member of Women’s Round Table Group

Like the movie title, “There’s something About Mary”, there really IS something about Mary. She has a way of making you feel at ease at all times, never rushes you, she gives you so much of her time, knows just what to ask and gives feedback in a way that is only constructive . She is extremely knowledgeable about ADD/ADHD and has a special way of “connecting” with people. I am so thrilled I found her and haven’t felt this excited in so long. I just wish I found her sooner.
Director of Financial Advisory Service

I want to let you know that you were a big part of that so-called “re-awakening” for me and I feel so grateful for that.

I want to first thank you so much for your coaching. I don’t think I’ve ever had such great conversations resulting in some great insights. I really do feel like I’m getting to know myself for the first time which is giving me a great deal of confidence and power.
Auditor CPA