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Coach Training

Are your clients with ADD a puzzle to you?Are you a coach who would like to add to your coach’s tool box the knowledge of how ADD impacts the daily life of your client with ADD?Are you at a loss as what to do next when this client is unable to make the changes in behavior you expected of them? Have the strategies you used with success with other clients failed? Have the strategies you used with success with other clients failed with this client?Do you wish there were some tried and true techniques and strategies to affect change and create hope and successful outcomes for these clients?I have designed a training program that provides the information you need to feel confident in working with adults with ADD. Beginning with the customized assessments and moving through the step-by-step strategies for changing behaviors and building new habits, you will have everything at your finger tips. With 50 worksheets from which to choose, you will never feel at a loss for a fresh approach.Project DetailsThe recommended design of

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the proposed training includes 20 teleclasses/telecourses. Opportunities to practice the techniques introduced are included in the instructional design. A more comprehensive and detailed description of the modules to be presented is available on request.Each telecourse is a live course, in a small group setting conducted via teleconference. The coaching trainees call in to a specified number with a regular telephone. The length of each telecourse is one and one-half hours.Training Objectives

I am currently the senior ADD coach and trainer for new coaches at ADD Health and Wellness Centers. I designed and presented a certification training program for ADD coaches for these centers including onsite workshops and 10 teleclasses.