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Thinking of Your Next Move?

Are you trying to start a new career in mid-life or trying to reinvent yourself because your current job is not a good fit?  Have you lost your job and don’t know if you want to do the same work again?

Let me guide you through the many challenges a job change presents. As a senior consultant for one of the world’s largest career transition consulting firms. I coached hundreds of executives on how to manage their transition to a new career or new job. I know what is needed to put together a job search campaign. Helping people find a career that is the right fit for them and a job that fulfills them is my mission in life. And I am really good at it. I can help you gain the focus you will need for the job search by providing you with the highest level of personal attention and support.

“It is never too late to become what you might have become.”
— George Elliot


A thorough self-assessment is a critical aspect of successful career transition. It is an opportunity to take a fresh look at what you value, the environment in which you are the most productive and the kind of work that brings you the most satisfaction.

The assessment process will help you analyze what you have to offer before you begin your search and articulate what you want during your search.

I have designed a career assessment system that delivers the answers that you can depend on for making decisions about your career direction or your next job. I chose the PaperRoom System™ to be part of my career assessment system because it amplifies and accelerates career exploration.

Taking Charge of Your Job Search – What You Will Accomplish?

  1. Discover your marketable job skills and identify your strengths
  2. Prepare the tools you need to market your assets (resume, references, letters, etc.)
  3. Find out who wants what you have to offer (research and networking)
  4. Learn how to sell yourself (interviewing)
  5. Evaluate job offers against your own needs and wants.

Read what my clients say about Mary’s career coaching

“The PaperRoom is wonderful, but I know that what you bring to it personally is more valuable. It’s so freeing to be able to verbalize my thoughts without censoring them, without feeling judged, or being self conscious that I will be misunderstood or sound like an idiot! The PaperRoom is structured, but you have a gift for allowing tangents to happen that bring more understanding and fuel the process.”


“Saying thank you just doesn’t seem to express how I feel about having you in my life. I left yesterday’s PaperRoom session feeling as though I’ve really begun to define myself. I have struggled to do this for a long time and sought help in that process, but so far, I’ve never felt that I was really getting somewhere, until now.”


“Your efforts proved to be essential during my job search. You were always willing to listen to my questions (and there were many at all hours of the day – and even when you were travelling), providing me with useful and insightful answers and strategies. These questions ranged from the logistics of handling multiple job offers to interviewing and negotiating skills. As it turned out, I accepted an offer for employment this week.”

Scientist, Ph.D.